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The Risk Of Avalanche Is High In Parts Of Colorado

Colorado Avalanche Information Center says that the potential of avalanches occurring on Tuesday is high in parts of the mountain backcountry, particularly the Summit County and Vail areas. On the other hand, the risk of avalanches occurring in Steamboat Spring and Aspen parts of Colorado is considerable.

The Eisenhower Tunnel section on Interstate 70 was briefly shut down to allow the road crew to trigger avalanches. This was done to reduce the risk of accidental avalanches occurring and hitting the highway and its users.

The Sword-Wielding Robbery Suspect Arrested

Lt. Howard Black of the Colorado Springs said that Anthony Hammond faces aggravated robbery charges emanating from his Tuesday robbery of Colorado Springs bank. Wielding a sword, 39-year-old Anthony entered the bank and demanded money from the teller. He thereafter fled on foot to a nearby apartment building where he barricaded himself.

Witnesses directed the police to the apartment building where a standoff ensued. However, he eventually surrendered. Cash from the bank robbery was recovered. Additionally, items from a December 12 grocery store robbery were also recovered. As such, Anthony Hammond also faces charges in connection with the grocery store robbery.

Colorado Springs Seeks Solution For Deer Overpopulation

The urban population of deer in Colorado Springs is alarmingly high and the City Council is considering various ways of managing the population. For instance, Bill Vogrin, Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman says there are roughly 20 deer in every square mile in southwest Colorado Springs. The Gazette has reported that city official will next month consult with state Parks and Wildlife manager in the area Frank McGee to understand the situation and the potential problems arising from the high population.

In the meantime, McGee reckons that as a solution, regulated bow and arrow hunting (and not firearm hunting) might solve the problem.